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Ban The Bag - ban single use plastics

Worldwide, plastic pollution is completely out of control. Our oceans are brimming with plastic waste. Marine wildlife are dying, ocean deadzones are expanding, and single-use plastic production and consumption has reached insane levels, especially when you consider that the material used to create single-use products such as plastic bags, straws, toothbrushes, and cosmetics – is not biodegradable or compostable. Only 10% of plastic items are recycled. Investing in reusable bags such as these fantastic Onya produce bags, shopping bags and bread bags is so worthwhile. Not only are you helping with the global war on waste, but these products are great to use. Here are the main reasons we love them:

  • The shopping bags squash down into really small pouches which also include a clip, so you can clip them to yourself or anywhere else that is convenient.
  • The produce bags are useful for so many different things including holding groceries, nuts and seeds and any other loose food item. You can dry herbs. And your food stays fresher for longer as they breathe, unlike horrible plastic bags.
  • The bread bag looks cool and is so useful! It’s a great way to store bread and keep it fresh and insect free. Plus, the bag is freezable.
  • All Onya products are crafted from special fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, so for every product you purchase, you are helping to make use of plastic waste.
Go plastic free with Daily Coconut Eco Store

Expand your environmentally-friendly, plastic-free collection with awesome products such as Bamboo toothbrushes, reusable food wraps, reusable water bottles, reusable lunch and snack boxes, stainless steel straws, reusable coffee cups and more. We carefully select the products we champion in our store and try and test them ourselves. We genuinely believe in them, and each and every one of them offer a ground-breaking solution to single-use, wasteful products which have become ingrained into our daily lives.

Go Bamboo 100% fully biodegradable toothbrush

We’re working on building up a collection of awesome biodegradable and compostable options to replace environmentally damaging, every day products. We want to offer solutions and an easy way for you to choose this, not that. For example bar soaps that feel and smell beautiful and are made of natural ingredients are a great switch from chemical-fueled body washes. The majority of household plastic toothbrushes cannot be recycled – a fact many do not know. So make an easy switch to bamboo – a toothbrush which feels much nicer and is also fully compostable and recyclable. We will continue to source the best products available so keep an eye out for more great product switches.

KeepCup Original, brew and cork. Reusabale cups made from lightweight plastic - Non toxic polypropylene. BPA and BPS free. Sustainable, environmentally friendly, eco friendly, buy online, fight in the war on waste

It’s becoming much more widely known but there is still a lot of work to be done. We have an ever-growing caffeine habit and environmentalists are warning us that disposable coffee cups are fast on their way to becoming one of the major pollution hazards.¬†Disposable coffee cups, which look like they are made of paper, have been found to contain plastics that do not break down and therefore cannot be recycled. Once used, they either end up in landfill where they sit forever as they don’t biodegrade, or they end up in the environment where they become a major pollution hazard. Coffee cups are estimated to be the second-largest contributor to litter waste after plastic bottles. It is estimated Australians use 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year. Switch to awesome reusable coffee cups and help fight the war on waste. The quality of the products stocked is outstanding!

Replace plastic packaging by choosing Dindi natural soaps including activated charcoal

We love the natural soap bars from Dindi Naturals. They are handcrafted, quality natural soaps that are environmentally friendly and made from all natural ingredients. They cleanse and moisturise even the driest skin, helping your body to feel fresh, revitalised and alive. The soaps are made with locally grown virgin olive oil, nourishing plant butters, soothing luxury milks, pure essential oils and organic herbs. They truly do smell amazing! And are a fantastic alternative to chemical-fueled high street body, face and hand washes.

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