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Choose This Not That: Dish Washing

This week’s Choose This Not That feature gives you an alternative plastic-free product to replace throwaway dishwashing sponges.

Most standard dishwashing sponges are made from foam plastic polymer.

It is hard to go a day without coming across a polymer foam. They are found virtually everywhere in our modern world and are used in a wide variety of applications such as disposable packaging of fast-food, the cushioning of your furniture and insulation material. Polymer foams are produced in a number of different ways. Examples are through slab-stock by pouring, extrusion and different forms of molding. Polymer foams are made up of a solid and gas phase mixed together to form a foam. The gas that is used in the foam is termed a blowing agent, and can be either chemical or physical. Chemical blowing agents are chemicals that take part in a reaction or decompose, giving off chemicals in the process.

Because they are made from plastic, this form of foam dish sponge will never biodegrade. After they leave your hands, they will go to a landfill site where they will exist forever, taking up space and breaking down releasing plastic into the earth.  Landfills can impact on air, water and land quality. Landfill gas, mainly methane, is produced by decomposing waste which contributes to global warming when released to the air. Water moving from, or through, landfill waste forms leachate which has the potential to contaminate nearby surface and ground water. Potentially hazardous substances can also migrate through the surrounding soil via leachate or landfill gas. We need to reduce our own waste that ends up in landfill, but for items which may seem currently unavoidable such as dishwashing aids, we can at least make the eco-friendly choice of selecting a product which is biodegradable and is made from non-hazardess materials.

ecostore Dish Wash Scrub & Replacement Head

The ecostore dish wash scrub is a classic wooden dish brush which looks good and works even better. It features a sustainably sourced beech wood handle and head with vegetable fibre bristles.

Why ecostore?
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Gets your dishes really clean without scratching
  • Made from beech wood and vegetable fibres
  • Looks and feels so much nicer than average dish cloths

The scrub comes with a fully biodegradable replaceable head. You needn’t ever put the handle into the garbage. Switching to this product would ensure that the waste you are putting into landfill is made from natural materials and is not adding more to plastic waste in landfill.

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