>>>“Welcome to 2018, The Fake Society. The world is dying.” – A Video By James Scotmore
“Welcome to 2018, The Fake Society. The world is dying. This is why humanity is f**ked…” – A Video By James Scotmore

Jamie Scotmore is a 25 year old aspiring Public Figure who is trying to change the world.

Jamie campaigns about political and humanitarian topics by producing and sharing content for his ever-growing social media audience (as of today Jamie has 22,000 Facebook followers, 1,600 Twitter followers, 3,985 Instagram followers, and 11,129 YouTube subscribers). He also travels and has recently been at an orphanage on the Thai / Burmese border.

His latest video “Welcome to 2018, The Fake Society. The world is dying. This is why humanity is f**ked…” has so far been viewed 1.2 million times on Facebook and 17,572 times on YouTube. It’s confronting, highly opinionated, and covers hot topics that are getting people riled up either in agreement or disagreement with James’s views. The Facebook post has been shared 25,000+ times, liked 8,500+ times, and has been commented on 820+ times already.

“I’m a human being who is trapped in a broken century. This is the era where profit comes first before corruption. We reward ignorance and sacrifice integrity. We wilfully destroy the environment, and glorify idiocy over real intelligence.”

We’re sharing this because we think he’s worth following. He goes much wider than our predominant areas of sustainability and eco friendly living, but he has the environment’s back. Even if viewers only agree with some of what he says, he’s impressive. He’s passionate. He’s trying to make a change. He speaks to young (and old) people in a way that they can understand. He’s willing to put himself on the digital frontline and argue with thousands of people in his community over very confronting topics. If more 25 year olds do this and can raise awareness with the younger generation about global issues such as global warming, plastic pollution, the meat industry and other environmentally crippling topics, we can be hopeful that the future holds great change.

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