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Eco Hacks: Natural Soap Bars
We’ve become so used to purchasing certain convenience supermarket products, that we don’t question them or consider alternative options that are way better for our health and the environment. 
An example of this is soaps and body washes. It’s become the norm to have an easy-to-use hand pump at your bathroom and lavatory sink, and to use bottled body washes and creams in the shower. Often there will be one for him and one for her as well, plus maybe a few different bubble bath options and washes for the kids. Before you know it, 5 or more plastic bottles are being used and discarded ending up in recycling (or worse, the ocean) every single month. Even the production of the bottles they come in is bad for the environment, eating up resources of oil and water. 
Do we really need these products?
It hit me one day that we actually don’t. I was browsing a local market when I was overpowered by the smell of a natural soap stand, selling the most divine lush products. I suffer from eczema and was guided to a section of soaps, washes and shampoo bars which are all 100% natural and specially designed with irritable skin sufferers in mind. There were soaps for clearing your skin, nourishing, revitalising, relaxing and energising. Some of them contained ingredients to help scrub while others sooth. Most of them are packed with natural essential oils which are proven to offer major health benefits. None of them contain the harsh or toxic ingredients which are common in many high street brands. None of them contain microbeads – the small plastic beads often found in face and body scrubs. Microbeads are a microplastic and are so harmful for marine wildlife. They go down our sinks, into waterways and end up in the ocean where they never breakdown, to be consumed by wildlife mistaking them for food.
Initially I did have some hesitations about whether I would miss my body wash and face scrub. Would these soaps work as well? Do they last more than a few days? Is it going to drive me mad when the soap dishes and holders go all gunky? I was pleased to discover that none of these concerns were founded, and the only noticeable difference was how much less we had in our bathroom bin every month. My eczema has also noticeably improved.
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