>>>Cloth Nappies Versus Disposable Nappies
Cloth Nappies Versus Disposable Nappies
We’ve discussed the environmental issues of disposable nappies and we’ve discussed the alternative option of using cloth nappies as a solution.

We will now also consider three other major factors many parents will consider when choosing something as important as nappies for their babies: cost, convenience, and accessibility.

Cost comparison per year

We have calculated that by switching to cloth nappies (including the additional cost of optional accessories), you could save between $250-$830 per year compared with purchasing highstreet disposable nappy brands.


  • We have based the usage per baby per year on our own experience, where on average our babies have used up to 6 nappies per day (this number may be greater for newborns and less for toddlers). This totals 2,190 nappies per year. (This figure is much higher than 2,000 every two years which is commonly listed in articles discussing disposable nappies).
  • We generally do laundry every day or every other day so would therefore need at least enough cloth nappies and accessories to cover this (minimum 12 nappies on rotation). This number maybe different if you do laundry less or more than this.
  • We have looked at prices of disposable nappies as listed on the Coles (Australia leading supermarket) website today (January 10 2018). We looked at Huggies, Thankyou (our personal favourite due to materials used and their charitable focus), and Naty (the most expensive but most ‘eco-friendly’ range available).
  • Prices of EcoNaps are listed as the singular price per nappy, not taking into account bulk discounts or special offers.
  • Accessories have also been included in the annual EcoNaps cost including enough bamboo inserts to cover the year, plus 2 x wet bags which would be used on rotation (however you may want less or more than this).

How easy is it to access cloth nappies versus disposable nappies? Obviously, disposable nappies will come up trumps here, due to their nature of being widely available in many types of shops and being a convenience item, you would be able to get your hands on a disposable nappy most times of the day in most populated areas. Being eco-friendly is not about taking the easy option though. It’s about being organised, and switching old habits for new ones. If you are committed to cloth nappies, you must order the correct quantity for your family and work out how to make sure they’re washed, dried and packed into your bags, cars, buggy, friends and family’s houses etc, to ensure you don’t run out. You could also use a combination of cloth and disposable nappies. Every cloth nappy used is a nappy saved from landfill, so don’t decide it’s too hard to even attempt because you can’t keep up with the laundry.

How convenient are EcoNaps Modern Cloth Nappies compared to disposable nappies? We personally find them on a par here, once you’ve worked out how to make them work for you, there really is no difference, other than switching one method of changing out for another. EcoNaps offer gorgeous wet bags helping you to conveniently transport both your dry and wet nappies around with you. This can easily be stowed in your buggy or nappy bag. Additional padding and nappy liners are available so you can decide how to make the nappies work for you and your baby. Instead of throwing the entire nappy into the bin, remove soiled liners and flush them, taking your nappies home in the wet back for washing. EcoNaps and accessories can be ordered via our store  and will be shipped the same day to Australia and internationally, so there is a delay here compared to nipping to the local supermarket. However, once you have your EcoNaps at home, you don’t need to add nappies to your shopping list again.

As with any eco-switch, switching to cloth nappies will include an adjustment period. For many of us, remembering water bottles and coffee cups took some getting used to but now we would be just as likely to forget these as we would be our shoes, keys and wallet! Switching to EcoNaps is just the same. Once you’ve worked out what works for you, using cloth nappies will fit into your own family lifestyle in no time.

Our Reusable Modern Cloth Nappy Range from EcoNaps
Our range of EcoNaps reusable Modern Cloth Nappies and accessories are high quality and absolutely gorgeous! They are Australian designed and made, inspired by beautiful Byron Bay.  The entire range is Australian Nappy Association accredited, and the swim nappies are swim school approved. The Modern Cloth Nappies are convertible nappies, so one size fits most babies ranging from 3.5kg-16kg. The materials used are all the highest quality and eco-friendly, offering vital features such as a waterproof outer, breathable inner, stain-resistant material, and snaps and pockets for additional boosters and liners.
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