>>>Which Cities Will Flood As Ice Sheets Melt?

Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California have developed a forecasting tool which reveals which cities will be affected as different portions of the ice sheet melt. It looks at the Earth’s spin and gravitational effects to predict how water will be “redistributed” globally.

“This provides, for each city, a picture of which glaciers, ice sheets, [and] ice caps are of specific importance,” say the researchers.

Dr Surendra Adhikari, said: “People can be desperate to understand how these huge, complicated global processes impact on them. With this tool, they can see the impact on their own city.”

Sydney is very strongly influenced by ice changes that occur along the north-northeast and north-northwest coasts of Antarctica. In London, sea-level rise could be significantly affected by changes in the north-western part of the Greenland ice sheet.

Their findings are published in the journal Science Advances.


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