>>>5 documentaries that will make you want to turn Vegan

We came across this article from Plaid Zebra and decided to share it as it’s really useful for those who are looking for more documentation on the animal consumption industry. The article features 5 documentaries that will ‘make you want to give up meat and save the world’, including:

1. COWSPIRACY- This movie is interesting and I suggest you go watch it! Even if you are not a vegan, Cowspiracy is one heck of a suspenseful and energetic journey into the destructive world of animal agriculture.  

2. LIVE AND LET LIVE In short, here is a documentary about 6 people who switch to a vegan lifestyle and ultimately, how it affects them

3. THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINEThis one’s for the animals, not the food or the people.  

4. EARTHLINGS Out of all the documentaries on the list, this is by far the most dark one. Using raw footage, Earthlings does not shy away from the brutal truth of how animals are exploited by us.

5. VEGUCATEDThis documentary follows 3 meat and cheese lovers that definitely do want to go vegan for 6 whole weeks!  

Thanks for compiling Plaid Zebra!

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