>>>McDonald’s uses 3.5 million plastic straws daily

SumOfUs have released a petition against fast food giant McDonald’s use of plastic straws, stating they use 3.5 million of them every single day.

The straws are used for just a few seconds and are then thrown away, with many ending up in our oceans to then get stuck in sea turtles’ nostrils, lodged in the stomachs of baby seabirds, and end up in our food chain after being eaten by fish. According to Greenpeace, straws are one of the most common plastic items found in beach cleanups.  Plastic doesn’t degrade, but is broken up into ever smaller pieces. So if that straw isn’t swallowed whole by a large bird or turtle, the bits it breaks into can be eaten by fish or fed to chicks starving to death with stomachs full of plastic.

If anyone can help to change use of straws by McDonalds, SumOfUs can. They have previously forced McDonald’s (along with other companies including Starbucks and KFC), to commit to sourcing 100% responsible palm oil. In their words, when they expose the ugly side of corporate giants — like McDonald’s — they take action to protect their brand. And in doing so we score a massive victory for our planet.

SumOfUs is a community of people from around the world committed to curbing the growing power of corporations.

Ever Eco Reusable Straw

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