>>>5 UNICEF Posts This Week That Touched Our Hearts

All Unicef Instagram posts touch our hearts whilst often making us feel incredibly helpless.

The Instagram page for Unicef (United Nations Children’s Fund) offers us a glimpse into the lives of countless others across the globe who are living in extreme poverty and/or political or social instability; many of whom are facing danger, starvation and illness on a daily basis. We find the stories they share heart-wrenching, heart-warming and completely fascinating all at once. And we thank Unicef for sharing them with us of the challenges faced by many others every day.

If you are able to, donate to support the fantastic work of Unicef. In their words, your donation will change lives. Their work protects the rights and wellbeing of every child.

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Here are five beautiful images from this week that touched our hearts.

UNICEF 1.jpeg

“Beautiful. Manisha holds her baby sister in #Nepal. Recently, much of Nepal has experienced heavy rainfall which has destroyed homes and left 25,000 families displaced. Our teams are on the ground to help children affected. #foreverychild © #UNICEF/UN076035/Shrestha”


Unicef 2

“A beaming smile! Somar, 8, wants to be a violinist and a professional swimmer when he grows up. He lives with his family in west Aleppo #Syria and has Down’s syndrome, but that’s not stopping him. Thanks to a UNICEF-supported programme, his loving mother” has been able to sign him up for swimming and violin lessons – and his smile says it all ❤️
#Love #ThisAbility © UNICEF/UN074003/Al-Issa”


Unicef 3.jpeg

“Bath time!
We’re trucking in 60K litres of water daily into Areesha, a make-shift camp for people fleeing violence in #Syria.
© #UNICEF/ Syria 2017/ Masoud Hasen”


Unicef 4.jpeg

“Anyano plays with his six-month-old daughter at a refugee camp in northern #Uganda#foreverychild, 💙. #bw#blackandwhitephotography#earlymomentsmatter © #UNICEF/UN064642/Ose”


Unicef 5

“A #brother’s loving gift to his little #sisterat Areesha, a make-shift camp for people fleeing violence in Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor, #Syria. © #UNICEF/ Syria 2017/ Masoud Hasen”

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