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Choose This Not That – Tea Bags

Many people don’t know this, but a huge proportion of throwaway teabags contain plastic which will never biodegrade. Teabags are retrieved from beaches all over the world and have been discovered in compost bins and by gardeners using compost, leaving people wondering what this stringy material is and where it came from. People toss them into the compost or trash because they think that they are a natural, harmless product. Unfortunately for many of the leading teabag brands, this is not the case.

The majority of tea bags used (25 billion a year in Australia, 55 billion in the UK, 84 billion in the US, ROW?) are made by adding acrylic polymer emulsions to the plant based materials that the bags are made of and then applying a very thin layer of polypropylene to help heat-seal bags and sachets. The thermoplastics use helps ensure the bag does not fall apart in water.

Environmentalists and publisher Which? Gardening chave contacted the leading manufactures (including PG Tips, Tetley’s, Typhoo, Twinings, Taylors and Clipper), all of whom have confirmed that their teabags contain plastic and cannot biodegrade. On average, 25% of any given tea bag is made from plastics. Even the tea bags from environmentally-friendly tea manufacturer Pukkah contain plastic.

None of us like the idea of drinking plastic particles in our cuppa, but this has such a big impact on the planet as well as the plastic material falls apart as the tea bag degrades and ends up in the soil and ultimately in the sea. For more on how teabags are made, see the video below. They really lose their appeal when you see what’s in them!

Tea manufacturers have promised to find an alternative to teabags containing plastics, but until then, we seriously urge you to switch to an alternative option and also support the cause to ban teabags that contain plastic, by signing a petition like this one.

Cadby Cottage Reusable Tea Bag

Say goodbye to throwaway teabags containing plastic and other nasties and switch to reusable tea bags. This pack of 5 eco-friendly, hand crafted, and 100% cotton tea bags from Cadby Cottage feature a drawstring and wooden bead toggle and come with a handmade hessian pouch for storage. They measure approximately 2″ x 2.5″ which is perfect for a standard cup of tea (1 level teaspoon). Use for loose tea leaves, lavender or herbs. We think tea tastes absolutely beautiful when using one of these teabags! They work like a dream.

Why Cadby Cottage?
  • Made from 100% cotton.
  • No excess dyes or chemicals.
  • Fully natural.
  • Helps keep your home zero waste.
  • Little to no escaping tea leaves.
  • Easy to use.
  • Tea tastes delicious.
How Most Teabags Are Made…
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